About BozeArts

In the present climate where standardized testing remains the prevailing indicator for student achievement, despite plethora evidence contradicting its effectiveness as an accurate indicator of such, the arts have increasingly been sidelined and even retired from many public schools throughout our nation. (To see why that is counter-intuitive to creativity development and good education, see our Philosophy page.) BozeArts is a positive response to that prevailing theme, and holds that no education is complete without regular exposure to and immersion in the visual arts. When something is that essential to a well-rounded education, why settle for not having it when the public schools cut arts programs. We are here to provide you with an excellent supplement to your child’s (and your own) education. Most of our teachers have arts education training, and many are certified/licensed professional art educators. Those who are not licensed or certified have a strong background in the arts as practicing artists themselves, or as art education students.

Our mission is to provide student-centered art instruction for students of all ages (beginning with Kindergarten) with an emphasis on skills development and a classical approach to learning Art. BozeArts empowers students to create artwork that they can be proud of, builds their confidence in their abilities, and helps them to really feel they have accomplished something important. That is best facilitated by laying the necessary groundwork for skills development, one building block at a time (drawing comes before painting, basic elements of design comes before sculpture, etc.). Learn more about the BozeArts philosophy of Art education on the BozeArts Philosophy page.

The term “Beaux Arts” is the approximate English equivalent of “Fine Arts.” We chose the name BozeArts for our art school for two reasons:

  • Because we prefer a classical approach to art instruction and fine arts
  • Because “Beaux” has the same pronunciation as the first part of the name of the town we live in: Bozeman, Montana (how convenient ;-) )
  • Because it is reminiscent of the L’École des Beaux-Arts, an important institution in the history of arts education.

Whether you are looking for private art instruction for yourself or group classes, BozeArts is the place.

How BozeArts came to be: A statement from our founder, Ceilon Aspensen

I once read a book about writing in which the author tells the reader that writing is not about getting published, it’s about writing. He went on to say that if a person’s sole purpose in writing is to get published, publication may not ever happen. His point was this: anyone who says they love to do something but doesn’t spend any time doing it is lying to him or herself. If you love to write you will do it whether you get published or not.

I read that passage as I was completing my teacher certification coursework and was awaiting a student teaching placement. It has crossed my mind more than a time or two that I have picked what is probably the most unfortunate moment in American history to be an art teacher, since our government (federal and state) continues to cut arts funding in favor of more math and science and standardized test preparation. (Read my philosophy of arts education to find out why cutting arts programs in hopes of raising math and science scores is counter-intuitive.)

After reading what that author had to say about writing, I asked myself this question: “Do I love art and teaching enough to do it anyway, even if I do not take a traditional teaching job?” The answer was a resounding “yes.” I started brainstorming about how I might make that happen and came up with BozeArts.

BozeArts offers art instruction of all kinds for all ages! Take your inner artist out to play at BozeArts, where making art is fun and natural.